OFC Network Privacy Policy

There are many concerns with privacy on the internet. We at OFC Network, share those concerns. Our web site does not collect personal data that you have not been informed of via the following policy statements. Rather than constructing a totally unreadable page that describes our efforts in reference to your privacy concerns on our web site, we prefer just to tell you the following:

- We, the OFC Network, do not collect your personal data on this web site other than the name and email address that you provide when you use our contact form.

- Now or in the future, OFC Network may provide a link giving our viewer the opportunity to opt in for a periodic newsletter or bulletin that will increase the awareness of our videos. For this purpose, we collect personal data in the form of your name and email address that you provide when voluntarily subscribing to the previously mentioned publications. We use the information in order to electronically convey these messages to you via email. We provide an unsubscribe link with each publication.

- Access to all content on the OFC Network is totally free. Links to our videos lead to our YouTube channel. Click here to view YouTube's privacy policy.

- OFC Network will sometimes display affiliate links that lead to products that our viewers will find very useful. Be advised that the web sites that contain these products do collect data for their sales and marketing purpose that is independent of our web site.
- OFC Network is owned and operated by Official Communications, 111 Apache Cr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362. Click here to contact Official Communications.

If you would like to view OFC Network's wordy, filled with legaleze privacy policy, click here.